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Brain Injury Information and Support Resources

The Brain Injury Association of Oklahoma does not support, endorse or recommend any method, treatment, or program for brain-injured persons. We only try to inform you, believing you have the right to know what is available. No endorsement is intended or implied.

Brain Injury Association of America

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is the voice of brain injury. We are dedicated to increasing access to quality health care and raising awareness and understanding of brain injury through advocacy, education, and research. With a nationwide network of more than 40 chartered state affiliates and hundreds of local chapters and support groups, we provide help, hope, and healing for individuals who live with brain injury, their families, and the professionals who serve them.

The Perspectives Network (TPN) Resources

The Perspectives Network, Inc.'s primary focus is positive communication between persons with brain injury, family members/ caregivers/friends of persons with brain injury, those many professionals who treat persons with brain injury, and community members in order to create positive changes and enhance public awareness and knowledge of acquired/traumatic brain injury.

Internet Help While Someone is in a Coma

The International Brain Injury Association

The International Brain Injury Association (IBIA) is dedicated to the development and support of multidisciplinary medical and clinical professionals, advocates, policymakers, consumers, and others who work to improve outcomes and opportunities for persons with brain injury.

Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists

The Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) offers a voluntary national certification program for both entry-level staff and experienced professionals working in brain injury services. ACBIS provides staff and professionals the opportunity to learn important information about brain injury, demonstrate their learning in a written examination, and earn a nationally recognized credential.

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